Types of Online Gambling

Gambling has exploded online within the last few years especially in countries with stricter regulations with their selection varying from online casinos, sports booking to even online stock trading. Consumers can now gamble from the comfort of their homes or even on their mobile phones giving rise to a new breed of addicts. The online(…)

How to Reduce Chargebacks

Tools to help reduce chargebacks A Chargeback is a refund that consumers may initiate by contacting their bank over a debit item on their card by filing a substantiated complain. As there are many reasons to why and how a chargeback occurs, no one-size-fits-all approach can be used. This complex task of chargeback prevention needs to(…)

Chargeback Codes and their Meaning

A Chargeback is a refund that consumers may initiate by contacting their bank over a debit item on their card by filing a substantiated complain. This could happen for a number of reasons ranging from fraudulent use of a card to simple human error such as being charged twice. Whenever a chargeback dispute is filed,(…)

Online Payment Methods Around the World

Online Payment Methods Around the World

Not all countries have credit cards as the predominant payment method when paying for goods and services online. Payment methods can be quite diverse from country to country. We at Expert Market have designed a map to display the different online payment methods of 29 countries around the world. The data has been compiled by(…)

UnionPay Prepaid Debit

UnionPay established the independent brand of UnionPay cards in cooperation with commercial banks and its growth has been jointly pushed upon since 2004.  In 2004, UnionPay built up a national unified inter-bank transaction settlement system with independent intellectual property. An international-accepted system of standards and regulations for bankcards has been primarily established and intensively applied(…)

Binary Options Industry

Binary options are an easy way to trade price changes in multiple markets in the world, but any trader will need to understand the risks and rewards of these often misunderstood instruments. Binary options are very different from the traditional options. When traded, you will find these options have different types of payouts, fees and(…)

Foreign Exchange Industry (Forex) Industry

Foreign Exchange, also known as Forex or FX, is the trade and investment on currency markets and its fluctuation in relative value between the traded currencies. The main participants in the market are larger banks and financial institutions who function as trading anchors between many different types of buyers and sellers. Electronic trading is becoming(…)

Peer-to-Peer or P2P

Peer-to-peer or rather most commonly known for its short abbreviation, P2P, is a type of network communication between users or peers. A P2P network is most commonly used to download torrents or other P2P files. Data and files are directly available to other networks as a P2P network does not require a centralized server or(…)

Online Dating Industry

Merchants who have established an online dating business will know that it is a challenging experience. Banks and acquirers have taken a more conservative approach when underwriting higher risked merchant applications. In reality, online dating websites generally do not contain adult materials, thus it is not considered as a high risk business. As time changes,(…)

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