Merchant Categorization Codes

  A merchant category code is a four-digit number assigned to a merchant by credit card companies once it starts to accept payments. This code is important for taxes and recordkeeping as well as for chargeback management. This code is to identify the category into which the merchant falls, based on the kind of products or(…)

Pros and Cons of Binary Options

    Most people interested in learning how to trade have been told the best first step is to start with paper trading. In today’s electronic world, “paper trading” means tapping into demo programs that don’t use real money but can help you learn the market ebbs and flows and trade using various technical tools.(…)

Micropayment for News Content

  The emergence of micropayments in the e-commerce market has long been anticipated due to the rising number of online shoppers. Defined as any online transaction up to $10.00, micropayments allow for a la carte service on the web, replacing subscription models. The history of the Web has seen many micropayments startups that tried to give(…)

Pharma Industry to Benefit from DIY Beauty Consumer

As a global recession hits the beauty industry and minimal invasive (non surgical) treatments advance, consumers are cutting down on costly in-clinic surgical procedures and opting for online DIY options that are becoming more widely available, socially acceptable and claim to yield the same results. This has caused online pharmaceutical retailers to sprout up overnight(…)

How to Reduce Chargebacks

Tools to help reduce chargebacks A Chargeback is a refund that consumers may initiate by contacting their bank over a debit item on their card by filing a substantiated complain. As there are many reasons to why and how a chargeback occurs, no one-size-fits-all approach can be used. This complex task of chargeback prevention needs to(…)

Chargeback Codes and their Meaning

A Chargeback is a refund that consumers may initiate by contacting their bank over a debit item on their card by filing a substantiated complain. This could happen for a number of reasons ranging from fraudulent use of a card to simple human error such as being charged twice. Whenever a chargeback dispute is filed,(…)

Do you need to get a payment gateway service?

Your existing business is accepting payment manually for a couple of years. Each time a customer makes a transaction, you have to provide them the account details and request them to send back the proof of transaction for validation purpose. Cash-on-delivery(COD) services would be your next option. Perhaps this is when you should consider using(…)

MasterCard And Visa New Security Protocol

By 2018 it is expected that mobile payment will take up 30% of all online transaction. In line with this rapid growth of mobile transaction, Master Card and Visa are working together to roll out a new security standard. Therefore the existing 3D Secure protocol will gradually be replaced with “invisible authentication” in 2015. “All(…)

The Dangers Of Making Payments On Free Public Wi-Fi

Free public Wi-Fi access at places like Coffee Bean and Starbucks are convenient, but you may be putting your device at risk. Public wireless networks are generally designed for convenience but not security. They often do not require authentication to establish an internet connection, therefore creating opportunities for hackers to get easy access on unsecured(…)

Pharmacies Industry Stat

Of the top 2,000 public companies in the world, 41 pharmaceutical companies are part of the list and the United States alone has 13 companies. The biggest drug companies of 2014 are led by Pfizer, followed by Novartis, with a combined total net profit of 97.8 billion. Global 2000 Rank Company Country Sales Profits Assets(…)

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