Do you need to get a payment gateway service?

Your existing business is accepting payment manually for a couple of years. Each time a customer makes a transaction, you have to provide them the account details and request them to send back the proof of transaction for validation purpose. Cash-on-delivery(COD) services would be your next option. Perhaps this is when you should consider using a payment gateway service to process those transactions.

The Advantages of Payment gateway:

1. Less paper work. They no longer need to scan and send proof of transactions.
2. Reduce daily routine to validate payment transactions.
3. Improve user experience and customers have another alternative to make payments.
4. Extend business opportunities, accept payment is globally.
5. Business owners can monitor their business growth anytime and anywhere.

How To Choose A Good payment Gateway For Your Online Business?

1. The services provided meets your business requirements.
2. They are able to process the transactions securely.
3. Hassle-free and easy to setup.
4. Instant notifications on payment status.
5. Reduces abandoned cart rates.
6. User-friendly and faster payment process.
7. Support online multiple payment options such as Visa, Mastercard or Unionpay.
8. Extending your market share globally by accepting multiple currencies.
9. Easy access wherever you are.
10.Fairly priced processing fees