Global credit card Fraud Stat

Credit card fraud is rife across the world, with criminals operating many different scams and techniques to get hold of your details. 2014 Stat: a. 250 million+ number of compromised credit-card for online sales b. 60% proportion of credit card fraud that involves card not present. 3. Rise in “Card not present” fraud since 2011.(…)

How does an SSL certificate affect a merchant store?

What is SSL? Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are internet standard protocols used to protect sensitive information that end users send to web servers, such as passwords, credit card numbers, email content and private messaging. How does Certificate Authority (CA) work? CA is a trusted third party that issues(…)

Merchant Compliance With PCI Security Standards

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, PCI security standards serve mainly to ensure cardholder information is maintained in a secure environment. Therefore, any merchant that accepts credit card payments, or any business or individual who handles cardholder data, must comply with PCI standards. Compromised data can badly affect customers, retailers, and financial institutions. One PCI(…)

Self-Hosted VS Embedded API / Iframe / Redirect Payment Gateway

When a business owner decides to take the business online, a payment gateway is needed to process online transactions. There are a few options to set this up: 1. Self-hosted Pros – The merchant has full flexibility to customize the look and feel of the payment page. – Full control of customer data. Cons –(…)

User checkout behavior on e-commerce sites

This week we’d like to share an insightful article we found on user checkout behavior. To succeed, online merchants should take notice of the following issues: 1. Site speed. Customers don’t like to wait, so if the site does not load within seconds, they will abandon the site (and possibly never return). 2. Visual design.(…)

E-Cigarette Facts And Global Stats

What is an E-Cigarette? Electronic cigarettes are smoking devices that have been commercially available since 2004. The idea is to simulate the sensation of smoking while providing an alternative nicotine supply, without the user inhaling the tars. They come in many shapes and sizes, but their purpose is the same; to mimic other smoking instruments(…)

Global Casino And Online Gaming Stats

Nowadays, people prefer to place bets on major sporting events like the World Cup through their cell phones. Most mobile gambling companies will accept major currencies like the US Dollar and Euros through credit cards. Mobile Gambling statistics: 1. The total amount wagered on mobile casinos is expected to surpass $48 billion in 2015. 2.(…)

3D Secure Payment Verification

3-D Secure is an XML-based protocol that enhances protection for Internet credit card payments. It was first developed by Visa, followed by MasterCard, JCB International and American Express. 3-D Secure Payment Process 1. Users place orders at merchant sites. 2. Payment provider requests users to enter credit card details. 3. The card’s issuing bank secure(…)

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