1. Why should I choose AWEPay?

The people behind AWEPay have extensive knowledge of the industry, with over 10 years of experience dealing with credit card and online payments. Thus, AWEPay has been built upon the foundation of years of careful observation and research to provide a service relevant for merchants and consumers alike. Backed by a large global network, we offer flexibility to all businesses, both big and small, to partner with us and benefit from our services.

Through our strong connections, we are able to offer a reduced cost of operation for merchants compared to other competitors as we, more often than not, set up merchant accounts at tax-free locations. Also, as a show of our sincerity in meeting your needs, we assign a dedicated personal manager for each of our partners to help you along the way and take care of your concerns.


2. What can AWEPay offer to a budding entrepreneur to kickstart a business?

Visibility. Have a chat with one of our expert account managers and, depending on the nature of your business, we will offer you recommendations to best promote your products or services. With our own designated online shopping malls and foundation for e-shops, you will gain instant visibility within our large networks and a springboard to establish your name. Running a successful online business is all about gaining attention and views, and partnering with AWEPay is the perfect platform for you.



3. What other alternatives are there to accept payments, besides credit cards?


We offer you a host of other alternatives for accepting payments, as stated in our Services page. Additionally, AWEPay’s network range spans across the globe, including the booming markets of Asia. We thus have affiliations with many local companies and banks to facilitate all your transactions within a location near you!