UnionPay Prepaid Debit

unionpay card

UnionPay established the independent brand of UnionPay cards in cooperation with commercial banks and its growth has been jointly pushed upon since 2004.  In 2004, UnionPay built up a national unified inter-bank transaction settlement system with independent intellectual property.

An international-accepted system of standards and regulations for bankcards has been primarily established and intensively applied to standard UnionPay cards through coordination with commercial banks.

UnionPay cards have been the leading brand that the domestic cardholders chose to use abroad like in Hong Kong and Macau SAR and Singapore.

In addition,UnionPay cooperated with organizations like Sumitomo Mitsui Cards Company in Japan and BC Cards Company in Korea to issue the local currency credit cards of UnionPay standards. UnionPay is on the road to becoming an international bankcard association serving not only China but also many other countries and regions.

UnionPay cards, the independent brand of Unionpay, are bankcards that follow the international BIN code with 62 as the initial two numbers and UnionPay logo at the lower right corner on the front of the card. They are issued by commercial banks (including Post Savings, and Credit Cooperatives) according to Unionpay’s operating and technological standards.

Awepay can now issue UnionPay debit merchant accounts for pay-in, pay-out and the issuance of prepaid debit cards through a few financial institutions, contact us for more information. Some high risk accept, please inquire to find out more.