About Us

Our Company Overview

Awepay is a Payment Services Provider (PSP) with a proprietary suite of ecommerce and payment processing solutions that are tailored to each merchantʼs requirements and risk profile in both local and global markets.

Backed by over 20 years of accumulative experience in the electronic payments industry, Awepay engages in an ongoing effort to refine its expertise and creativity over time, offering reliable online payment processing for banks, merchants, and buyers alike. 

Awepay payment processing services can be seamlessly integrated to complement any existing online business structure with proven stability and security. 

Awepay has an extensive team of professionals catering to needs from application to integration, all the way to servicing and troubleshooting. 

We work with all types of processors and have built good networks with payment solution providers across the globe. CIO Advisor featured Awepay as one of the top 10 payment solutions in Asia Pacific.

Our Technology – AweTech

Awepay has invested a lot in technology solutions and we aim to be the leading seamless payments technology provider across the globe.

Awepay’s year of experience and partnerships in the payment space ensures that any solution provided has gone through due diligence and KYB (Know Your Business) processes, providing a safe, stable and reliable solution to the merchants around the world.

Awepay leverages automation and API integration, making it a seamless channel to all kinds of processors and payment providers.

Awepay design its payment system and API integration to be compatible with all kinds of payment providers and processing merchants.

Our system is automated and constantly re-engineered to keep with the latest trends in payments technology. We run a quarterly server penetration tests and DDOS prevention to protect our servers.

Awepay’s payment processing technology is PCI-DDS compliant.

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