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What is Forex?

Forex is an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange, which is a global decentralized market for buyers and sellers to trade currency at agreed prices. Currencies are always traded in pairs, base currency and quote currency. To buy one currency, you must sell the other or vice versa. The core traders are banks, corporations, governments and speculators.(…)

The Evolution Of Transactions

The history of credit cards is closely related to the evolution of transactions. From basic bartering to the modern e-payments we know today, technology advancements have made trading and the payment process easier. Prehistoric age – No business transactions, everything was shared for survival. Bartering – The earliest trading system, it requires the mutual agreement(…)

Buying From Online Pharmacies

Buying pharmaceuticals online is relatively risky for a number of reasons. Besides your personal health, your personal financial information must also be protected. Unspecified ingredients The drugs or medication may contain too much or too little in dosage, or it may contain dangerous ingredients that have not been approved by the authorities. Even slight variations(…)

History Of Credit Cards

1887 – Edward Bellamy invents the concept of making a purchase using a card, in his utopian novel Looking Backward. 1920 – Oil companies issue their own proprietary cards, and individual companies offer credit to their customers whom they would bill later. 1949 – McNamara started The Dinner Club (charge / debit card), for payment(…)

Is mobile banking safer than PC banking?

With more than 1 billion active smartphones globally, the ubiquity of mobile devices is empowering user communication, social activity and business trading. Younger demographics spend more time on mobile devices, and it is expected that 1 in 3 mobile users will use online banking. Some users avoid using mobile banking because they do not trust(…)

The Meaning Behind A Bank Card's Numbers

Bank card numbers can be anywhere from twelve to nineteen digits long, while most credit cards have sixteen numbers. Is there meaning behind the codes? How do you know if a credit card is valid? How about the validation code? The first digit of card numbers is the Major Industry Identifier (MII). It designates the(…)

Facts that you may not have known about MasterCard

Last week we talked a little about Visa, this week lets cover some global statistics that you may not have known about MasterCard. 1. Wide coverage MasterCard is distributed in 210 countries, 150 currencies and 53 languages, with 1.9 billion users and 35.9 million locations worldwide. 2. Fast processing MasterCard processes $3.6 trillion in transactions(…)

Should I Add Surcharge To My Credit Card Transactions?

What is a credit card surcharge? Surcharge is the additional fee added to a credit card transaction, so everything you buy using credit cards could potentially cost more. Why do merchant stores require a surcharge? For every successful card payment, the merchant has to pay a service fee to the bank or payment gateway. Instead(…)

SWOT Analysis Questions For A Business

This is a continuation of the eCommerce SWOT Analysis post. This time round, we managed to find some sample questions from a SWOT analysis. Internal Factors mostly deal with internal administration, such as employees, shareholders, partners, products, services, etc. External Factors relate to things that are usually out of our control, e.g. competitors, business partnerships,(…)

How Card Payment Processing Works

Initially, the authorization process starts by ensuring that the customer has enough money in his/her bank account. No money is transferred, the merchant provider validates the user’s information only. Upon completion of validation, the money starts making its way to the merchant’s bank account. This process is spread over a few days, and the total(…)

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