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Online Dating Industry

Merchants who have established an online dating business will know that it is a challenging experience. Banks and acquirers have taken a more conservative approach when underwriting higher risked merchant applications. In reality, online dating websites generally do not contain adult materials, thus it is not considered as a high risk business. As time changes,(…)

Merchant Account

What is a merchant account? It is a type of bank account granted by an acquiring bank to online retail business owners to collect payments for goods or services. A merchant account will allow merchants to process the credit card and billing information to complete an online transaction. The bank accepts the responsibility of processing(…)

Awepay featured in Themify!

  We were pleased to see that our website’s new look and feel was selected and featured on Themify’s website. To take a look, click on the printscreen above. Awepay is and will always be the choice in trusted electronic online payments, thank you for your continued support.

Direct Merchant Accounts and Sponsored Merchant Accounts

Online retail merchants would have to apply for a merchant account if they wish to receive payments for the goods or services they provide. Typically, there are two different merchant accounts that they can apply for, however merchants often get confused when applying for one. We at Awepay would like to give potential online retail(…)

China Union Pay

China UnionPay, commonly known as UnionPay or CUP, is the only bankcard association in China which was established in March 2002. Started in China, UnionPay has always worked towards the growing demand of international payment cards China Union Pay (CUP) aka UnionPay is the only domestic bank card scheme in The People’s Republic of China and(…)

Pharmacy Industry

In the online business industry, Pharmacy businesses are one of the primary targets for fraudsters to make money from. Generally known to all, Pharmacy Merchant Accounts are considered as high risk accounts and are difficult to obtain these days. Financial institutions are constantly coming up with new and more stringent regulations and policies to battle(…)

Importance of Internet Merchant Account

Obtaining an Internet Merchant Account is the first step for online payment processing. Merchants with internet or online retails stores would need an account to accept payments via credit card, debit card, and other payment methods for goods and services sold. An internet merchant account is specifically catered for online retail shops and should not(…)

History of Credit Card Processing

Cashless payments for purchasing goods date back to the year 1914. In the US, Western Union came up with metal cards, giving free deferred payment privileges to their preferred customers as a customer service goodwill gesture. This became known as ‘Metal Money’. However this card could only be used for purchases within the stores owned(…)

Merchant Account Risk and Underwriting

Credit card processing especially for ecommerce has very complex risks and it is different for every business. There are a number of factors that can help determine the level of risk for a merchant; merchant’s longevity, industry, business model, products and services offered, financial stability and processing history are just a few to be pointed(…)

Gaming and Gambling Industry

Gambling Industry Online gaming is a fast growing industry and has become one of the fastest moving sectors in the online entertainment industry.  Estimates indicate that, worldwide, gaming nearly generated $60 billion in 2005 with approximately $3 billion in commission revenues. With this tremendous growth, many online gaming merchants face two major challenges: payment processing(…)

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