How Secure Is Your Password?

Recently, hundreds of celebrity nude photos went online after an iCloud hack. Some questioned Apple’s responsibility, but after thorough investigation, Apple released a statement that the leaks were due to brute force attacks on targeted user names, and not any security issue in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud or Find my iPhone. All the best security measures cannot completely eliminate the risks. To avoid a repeat of similar issues, Apple advises all users to implement strong passwords and enable two-step verification.

Most consumers are still lazy with their passwords

Despite the rising prominence of data breaches, “hacktivists”, phishing schemes and exposure of personal information online, poor passwords remain a fundamental problem. The majority of passwords are weak and easy-to-crack, as consumers choose convenience over security.

Majority users’ password habits


The worst passwords of 2013

Rank Password
1 123456
2 password
3 12345678
4 qwerty
5 abc123
6 123456789
7 111111
8 1234567
9 iloveyou
10 adobe123
11 123123
12 admin
13 1234567890
14 letmein
15 photoshop
16 1234
17 monkey
18 shadow
19 sunshine
20 12345
21 password1
22 princess
23 azerty
24 trustno1
25 000000

How Fast Can a Hackers Computer Guess your password?