Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)

Getting to know JCB

The Japan Credit Bureau, commonly known as JCB, was established in 1961 in Japan and soon became the leader in the Japanese card industry by focusing on offering reliable service to accommodate the spending of their national consumers. Now a proud card issuer to over 67.05 million members, they have solidified their position as a major player in the industry, raking in an annual transaction volume of $93bilion and a global merchant network in over 190 countries and territories.

Upon launching a JCB card issuance program in Hong Kong in 1985, the company attracted and continually attracts among the world’s most reputable financial institutions to form commercial partnerships for business expansion. Thus, their cardmembers have the privilege to enjoy great benefits with a host of exciting merchants through JCB’s effective merchant acquisition program which has successfully connected with 10.2 million global merchants.

Part of JCB’s success is attributed strongly to its dynamic relationships with their respected stakeholders. The company commits to holding periodic dialogues with their licensed issuers, acquirers and global business partners to continually discuss on ways of improvement. Thus, JCB has managed to keep up with the times and the ever-changing lifestyle trends of their cardholders by offering relevant solutions, such as providing a vast card line-up with a complete range of high-value added features for everyone.

JCB operates closely by their motto ‘Service from the Heart’, by committing themselves to providing an equal level of service to all cardholders anywhere around the world. Their intentions were backed by the introduction of ‘JCB Plazas’, which takes care of their users with information dissemination, reservation and travel services, emergency support, insurance and a host of other benefits.

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