POLi Payment

Reaching out Down Under

POLi supports the leading internet banking sites in Australia and New Zealand and functions within the highest security protection of each internet banking facility.

POLi Payments is the online payment option for everyone, and is a great alternative for consumers without credit cards as they can utilize the service to transfer funds directly from their bank accounts to online merchants. The simplicity and availability of their approach is their competitive edge, offering an easy method of payment with the touch of a button with no need for sign ups and accounts. POLi’s service can be accessed with any personal computer once its web browser compatibility has been verified by POLi’s network.

Partnering merchants of POLi Payments offers their customer convenience of payment without having the use of credit cards or a third party account. The ease of integration with their system has attracted countless merchants to include POLi as one of their payment options as merchants are able to create POLi links freely from the service’s merchant console and are only charged for completed transactions made.

The service does not capture usernames or passwords, operates with software reviewed by Verisign and Secure Assessments, and uses bank websites SSL certificate and thumbprints for authentication – thus ensuring transactions take place safely. Additionally, the POLi Web browser works with advanced security features available on the internet, never having access to personal internet banking details.

Many leading brands have since incorporated POLi Payments within their financial payment network including Facebook, AirAsia, Virgin Australia, Skype, Betfair.com and many more.

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