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To conduct certain businesses online, website merchants sometimes require the tools to payout back to their clients. Most merchants will use inter-bank Giro or transfer (for local clients) and wire transfer (for international clients). For some businesses where merchants may need to pay out back to their international clients more than once every few months, the wire transfer fees will become to costly and majority of banks do not facilitate online wire transfers, which means a lengthy trip to the nearest bank branch. Fortunately, Awepay is now proud to offer the payout solution to complement our suite of payment services to solve this issue:

Visa and Mastercard Prepaid Debit

visa debitmastercard debit

With worldwide acceptance, you can payout to your clients through these cards which are usable at any Visa/Mastercard retailer or ATM. Virtual prepaid Visa and Mastercards are also available upon request.

Unionpay Prepaid Debit

unionpay debit

With Asian customers having more and more disposable income, many internet businesses have shifted their focus towards China and most of South East Asia, where UnionPay is widely accepted in almost all retail shops and ATMs.

Unionpay Direct Banking Payout

unionpay online

With the ease of directly banking into your customers China bank account, merchants can easily provide automated payout function to UnionPay clients via hosted API directly from merchant's website and reduce overall operational work and cost of wire transfers.

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