Reaching out to Europe

Sofortbanking, also known as sofortüberweisung, is a direct credit transfer service which operates within the high security standards of online banking. Certified by the largest German quality and security institute, the TÜV, sofortbanking has established itself as a leading presence in the industry primarily within Europe, building networks with thousands of merchants within Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Great Britain and Italy. Among the many high-profile companies that are in partnership with sofortbanking are KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Emirates, Skype, DELL and many more.

Backed by the most secure payment method available, sofortbanking operates using a credit transfer rather than a direct debit system (which makes charge backs almost impossible). As long as the merchant has an account with the sofortbanking system, customers only need an online banking account in any one of the partnering European banks to authorize transactions via their personal bank account. The system’s efficiency enables it to automatically verify whether the customer’s bank account has sufficient funds, and will immediately send a confirmation to the merchant and customer, allowing an instant delivery of goods and services.

Sofortbanking offers great flexibility and benefits to both merchants and banks, with more than 18,000 e-commerce companies throughout Europe utilizing their services. Merchant partners will enjoy faster settlement of payments, less junk orders, almost zero charge back costs as compared to direct debits, low transaction fees compared to credit cards, the e-wallet approach with 100% credit card free solutions and unrivalled bank coverage within Europe especially in Germany. Banks, on the other hand, will gain (1) an attractive online banking system, (2) wider financial marketing and advertising opportunities, and (3) larger networking with one of the most popular online payment methods within Germany.

Thanks to AWEPay’s collaboration with sofortbanking, you can now choose to tap into the vast potential of their expert services for your network expansion. Pre-built solution manuals are freely available for your perusal, making integration with sofortbanking extremely easy when incorporating their services for your personal needs.

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